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Utilities in Yuma

Yuma AZ - Utilities

Electric Service
Arizona Public Service (APS)
Location: 128 West 32nd Street
Main: , Fax: 928-726-2581
New Service Numbers
Res: , Bus:

TV Cable/High Speed Internet
Adelphia Cable - Main:
Dish Network - Main: 888-3973474
Direct TV - Main:

County Emergency Service
Rural Metro
- Fire & Ambulance
Customer Service - Main:
Fire Department - Main:

Yuma County Phone Numbers
You should be able to find any number your looking for with this amazing list of services you may need.

Water Sewer & Trash
City of Yuma 

Location: 1 City Plaza (at Giss Parkway)
Foothills Area - Main:
City of Somerton - Main:

Natural Gas Service
Southwest Gas

Residential Service - Main:

Qwest Telephone Service
Residential Service:
Business Service:
Repair Service:

Before You Dig!
Blue Stake - Locate Underground Utilities
Main: 800-782-5348


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